Support and assistance for Avast Anti-virus

Support for Avast

  • Installation and activation of Avast security software
  • Uninstall and removing the corrupt or expired applications from user’s computer
  • Upgrading the installed computer application to its latest version
  • Configuring the protection and to optimize device’s performance using the software
  • Troubleshooting the in case of any technical glitches
  • Detection and removal of malicious programs from the computer
  • Complete help whenever you stuck in the middle of the work because of technical snag


The effort of our seasoned engineers at SoftwareSetup remain to provide you comprehensive tech support whenever there is any problem occur. We have been there in the business for long and have the well versed engineers to solve the issues of digital life of the computer users. We are delivering quality help to make sure that you interact with your digital devices in a safe digital space and all your information stay secure. We have certified engineers to take care of your data and device when they are online or offline.,

Because of offering the excellent security applications and solutions to the multiple devices of the users running on different platforms, Avast has earned a remarkable reputation world-wide. It is among one of the best brands when it comes to provide efficient solutions for the protection of user’s device and network. It offers a wide variety of security solutions to render the safety and security to the home user’s devices as well as IT landscape of businesses. If you install Avast Antivirus, it will make sure that no infections of any type can reach to your device. SoftwareSetup has the expert technicians to help you in getting and installing Avast Online as well as offline if you have purchased a box copy of it.

The security software developer and engineer of Avast know it very well that hackers and cyber criminals are getting smarter day by day and they manage to breach the security of the computer and similar device users. So they try to develop such applications which can provide you protection in real time. When there are so many complex technologies are involved, it becomes quite challenging for the non-tech comp0uter users to deal with the issues that occur substantially when they are connected to the web. To help the users in making them enable to deal with the issues, we provide Avast Total Support.

SoftwareSetup technicians know it very well that it is common to face technical snags and performance challenges when using a device that being running on so many programs and performing multiple tasks. So to help the users with the challenges that has been putting the security of the device at risk, we provide Avast Customer Service. We have trained and experienced engineers who treat the issues in the intended way they need to be and making sure that you don’t face any problem with your device. We are a well-established band to render Avast Antivirus Customer Care Service remote and onsite at any instant of the day.

Our experts will make sure that you get the protection of the right security software so that all your crucial information stored on your device stay protected from hackers, snoopers, thieves, and prying eyes. We make sure that you get the comprehensive Avast Antivirus Support for installation, uninstallation, renewal, and upgrade or update of the Avast security suite to make sure that you stay protected in the challenging digital environment. To get the help for product related issues as well as for other technical problems, call our Avast Tech Support Phone Number: 1-877-282-7379 and talk to our technicians. We provide remote as well as onsite Avast Support.

We have a team of experts who are passionate and well-trained with the latest know-how to deal with the worldwide threat and vulnerabilities that can exploit the protection of your device. Their knowledge and helpful gesture has made it possible for us to earn the trust of the customers by delivering them required help and creating a safer digital space for them.


SoftwareSetup provides technical assistance for computing device across the world through phone email and chat. Any use of names and trademarks is only for reference and in no way intended to suggest that SoftwareSetup’s services has any business association with these third-party product providers. If your product is covered by warranty, the support service maybe available for free from manufacturer.

We Provide Support for:


  • Keeps users� information and identity safe online
  • Provides protection to the computers running on Mac and Windows OS
  • Provides protection against viruses, malware, ransomware, and other online threats
  • Secures sensitive files and data on your computer
  • Fixes and optimizes users systems for better performance
  • Safeguards the uses against email scams and privacy breach on social media
  • Safeguard the device as well as the information stored on it from risky programs
  • Stop online threats before their proliferation and attack
  • Quick and accurate detection and eradication of threats
  • Secures against hacking attempts and identity theft

For Residential Users :

Annual Subscription Plan (Valid upto 3 Computers/Devices)
$ 129.99 year
support for avast 1 Year Unlimited Support & Services
One Year Antivirus Software
Chat Support
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Email Support

Onsite engineer subscription plan

Onsite engineer annual subscription upto 3 Computers/Devices)
$ 199.99 year
Onsite Engineers
One Year Unlimited Support & Services
Phone Support
Chat Support
Email Support

One Time Fix Plan

One Time Fix Plan
$ 79.99 year
1 Computer
One Time Support
Phone Support
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